Friday, April 17, 2009


I can't be expected to write coherently at 5am. I can write at 2am but only if I stay up till then, If I wake up at 4 there is no possibility that whatever I file is going to be even remotely sane and it shouldn't be expected.

You know what I want to be doing now? I want to be sleeping, or eating a doughnut. But none of the doughnuts here look even remotely appetizing. How do you mess up doughnuts? Damn I've been spoiled by the tasty tasty Psycho Donuts with names likes cereal killer and cookie monster, that are covered with fruit looks or oreos. I think I could write sonnets to Psycho Donuts, they would be horrible but I think I would be willing to give it a shot.

And I should probably be angry at the tasty doughnut because it has gotten me in trouble with not one but two guys. How they both discovered this weakness is beyond me. (Of course maybe the t-shirt "I get slutty for doughnuts" was a give away.) Not that I regret any of it, I mean I still got doughnuts. And I'm not going to stop eating them just because I have no self control, of course I do believe that is the problem.

I think doughnuts might be in my top five for food. I'll have to give some thought to the other four but doughnuts gets a spot. Now I'll be craving Psycho Donuts all weekend long, and me stuck in Utah.

I got a whole baker's dozen of doughnuts (or donuts) in this post, yay me!

Coherency can go fuck itself this early in the morning.


rs27 said...

I spell it Donuts. Who's right? I'm starting a wiki page on this topic.

donuts are a top 3 food for me.


MsPuddin said...

First of all, from now on I'm calling you Homer. A very freakishly skinny, Homer.

Second, I hate donuts. They are on my list of things that are gross, which is long so it's not surprising...

btw, what were you doing up at 4am writing and experiencing a donut craving?

MsPuddin said...

Are you pregnant?

kumiko-akimoto said...

I spell it doughnuts. dough + nuts = correct English.
Two boys huh? You do get slutty over "donuts."

c.watson said...

rs27 - Merriam Webster would argue that its doughnuts.

Ms.Puddin - What I like to eat... and I was at the airport heading to the hellhole that is Utah.

And no I am not pregnant but a pox on you for even suggesting it.

Kumiko - you and your silly "correct" english. You and another are always correcting my homophone mishaps.