Thursday, April 23, 2009

A bad week

I started this blog to write about random things but lately it has just turned into me complaining about, well, everything. But I like the topic so I’m going to stick with it for a little bit longer.

You know a week is going to turn out bad when on Sunday you start your taxes and realize that you owe $1500, which I get to pay over the next 30 years and I believe the government gets my first born child and a pony.

Monday I managed to lose my wallet, which contained the credit cards I was planning on living off of till my next paycheck (yep, I’m super financially savvy). Sure this was my fault as I left my wallet on the bar after a couple of shots of tequila (I can’t say no to tequila, ever). And not a single one of my friends were surprised that I lost it, I swear even exchanged money as if they bets on it — bastards.

Tuesday my phone was turned off. I’ve signed up for direct withdrawal many times but it just never seems to take. This is the second time in six months that I have lost my phone privileges. But this time I didn’t have my credit cards to turn it back on. Later that night my friend tried to embarrass me by making me do karaoke (the Devinyls I Touch Myself) but I had enough alcohol in my system that it didn’t phase me, and apparently everyone loves it when a chick sings that song no matter how bad she is. Made a few more mistakes that night that I have decided not to elaborate on.

Wednesday wasn’t so bad, messed up a tad bit but nothing I wasn’t expecting.

Thursday was good if boring.

Friday I flew to Utah starting at 4am. Utah sucks and if it weren’t for family I would avoid that state like the plague.

Saturday I caught the plague. Well I got sick, my face got a blotchy red rash and I had a sore throat and a headache. And with my brother in-law, who is post bone marrow transplant, being really susceptible to illnesses I had to go.

Sunday I left Utah to fly back to California, which decided to turn on the heat. My dad took me to the hospital where $167 was wasted to tell me that I have a bad virus and should get some sleep. I then went back to my apartment, which had apparently moved to the surface of the sun.

The whole next week I tried, unsuccessfully, to fight off this virus and to stay slightly cool. I’m still losing that fight.

I think that my whole “ignore it till it gets better” philosophy isn’t working that great. That and when I stop drinking things just go to hell.


saratogajean said...

Dude...that is a shitty week. I'm sorry.

TGFT (Thank God For Tequila), right?

MsPuddin said...

You know what, on second thought stay away from me, because I already have bad luck and fall down a lot. If you put us in the same room ... well, I'm going to say we are at higher risk at catching the swine flu...