Monday, May 22, 2006

Survivor Man Vegas

Ah Vegas, America's playground. More like America's hunting ground. Packs of twenty something males roam around looking for willing females. While the women are more like ambush hunters waiting till a male comes near and then strikes. Although I don't know if you could consider either group to be prey, since it appeared to me that they are both looking for the same thing. Now if you aren't out hunting you might feel like prey, left alone for even a minute and you're swarmed, guys standing too close telling you that you have pretty eyes, or grabbing you and trying to pull you into a dance. I've learned the hard way that subtly in this case is not an option, a hard shove doesn't even faze them, but they do seem to have exceptionally short memories so if you run away they will move on to the next girl. You don't even have to be that attractive, all you really need is a pulse.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

Ah Mother's day. The second most commercialized day of the year after Christmas. Don't get me wrong I do think that mothers' deserve a day of their own, they do a lot, and from what I can see from friends, family, and coworkers its still the mom that does the brunt of the child rearing (thereare of course exceptions). But it just seems so sad to run around because you have to get your mom a gift because the calendar says so. Yes I got my mom a gift (it was late but I called her on Sunday). And now I feel bad because I forgot to call my step mom who I'm sorry is not my mother and had no hand in the rearing of me (she married my father when I was 19), she's a wonderful woman and I love her but she's not my mom (I'm gonna call her tonight). Although I still feel bad for not sending her a card.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sunny SB

Ok Santa Barbara is supposed to be this wonderful vacation town, and I have to admit that its pretty great, but it definatly has its draw backs. Like June, supposed to be one of the brightest months of the year, is one of the worst in SB, its known as June gloom and its cold and damp, totally sucks. And then over the last few years is been gloomy and damp in May too, and that's just not fair. I'm ok with June but May too? At least its supposed to burn off by the afternoon and half the time it does do that, the other half it stays horrible the whole day. Summer is actually the worst time is SB, usually Spring and Fall are the best seasons here. But this year spring got completely rained out, and then fogged over. Oh well I guess we can keep our hopes up for August that's usually a good month.

Monday, May 01, 2006


OK so when did master/slave contracts become normal? I was reading The Smoking Gun and yet again theres another story about about some sado masochism sex contract gone bad. Its always so sad too because you think that if these two love birds can't make it who can? But anyways this contract looks like its some form letter downloaded off the internet. I'm pretty liberal but that still grosses me out, not that I'm judging (I totally am, sorry). And who thought to post form letters? Was there one guy out there who was just like "All these contracts that I've been filling out totally blow, I'll write up my own and everyone will use it and finally there will be peace in the master/sex slave world!" And its been in the news so often, there must be thousands of people out there just like me who are so intensely disturbed by these news stories that they too feel the need to go find more stories that disturb and disgust them.