Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's not me it's you

A rant:

If I am trying to be nice when ending things with you why can't you just except it? When it started it was just about sex, I was upfront about that. Why do you keep harping on it?

You tried to sneak a relationship on me a couple of times, which was really fucking annoying. I was never your girlfriend.

It's over, has been for awhile. Please don't ask me what you did or what you can do to change. That just confirms that you are way to in to the nonexistent relationship and that is not what I wanted. I never lied to you. But thanks for making things cluttered.

But here's what you did wrong:
  • Too clingy
  • You got jealous, what the hell?
  • acted like we were in a relationship
  • lost all your self confidence
  • agreed with me on almost everything
  • turned pathetic
Yes, chicks can have a no-strings-attached relationship. I wasn't sleeping with you because I wanted more, I was sleeping with you because I wanted sex, THAT IS ALL.

I don't want to be friends anymore I just want you to leave me alone!

end rant.


Comatose Chris said...

This is why you shouldn't eat baked goods from your creepy neighbor.

Katie said...

It's like they DO know what we want, and no matter what it is, they sprint for the OTHER finish line.

MsPuddin said...

Invite him over after a mac n cheese/beef and broccoli meal, washed down with some whiskey and he might leave you alone after that.


PS- I take it you don't like to cuddle either?