Wednesday, February 27, 2008


On Saturday A and I headed into San Francisco to check out the Chinese New Year parade. OK I just really wanted sparklers and thankfully some nice lady we were standing next to gave me one (they weren't as super-amazing as in my childhood memories).

To get to the parade we decided to take public transportation so we drove to Milbrae to catch the BART. I've taken public transportation throughout my life and the smells I usually associate with it are stale sweat, bad breath and B.O. so I was surprised at the scent wafting around the Milbrae BART station. It smelled like freshly baked cookies.

On our way back out we again smelled the delicious smell of chocolate chip cookies. We looked around but the only restaurant we saw was an In-N-Out, and to my knowledge they don't bake a lot of cookies.

Four days later and I'm still wondering where the smell came from. Will it be there next time? And where can I get some?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Damn I've been slacking. But I've been busy doing stuff, no seriously.

With working on the Daily and a job and trying to get my thesis OK'd my food intake has suffered. Lately I've been living off of nutterbutters, coke and noodles, tasty tasty microwavable noodles. I get so much crap from my boss for my eating habits but he's a pseudo vegetarian (I feel vegetarians and health food eaters are weak and can't survive off the stuff that I eat) so I think I eat worse when I'm around him just to get him mad. Oh the things I do to entertain myself.

Anyways I've been trying to think of things that I feel strongly about so that I can write an opinion piece and I've come to the realization that I'm a shallow person that doesn't care about anything.

The first thing I thought about was those damn Helio commercials, "don't call it a phone." If I paid $100 bucks for something and another $50 a month I will call it whatever I want.

Next one I thought of was the left arrow turn light. OK in some places it makes sense but it seems like they are popping up everywhere, if I can see 500 feet down the road can't I just go when I see that it's safe?

And finally I thought of those stupid forwards about the good ol' days. They were better because you were younger and had no awareness about the world around you, things change that's life. I loved the smurfs too but at the same time the American Embassy in Iran was overrun and people were taken hostage. Does that really sound so peachy to you?

Oh well I'll have to work on the opinion thing, some how I have to come up with a coherent idea for it too, so many damn rules.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The pain of a used car

The day after I got my car the engine light went on. THE DAY AFTER I BOUGHT IT! And of course I bought it "as is" so I am shit out of luck. But it still drives ok so I am ignoring it for now (I know I'm a freakin genius), until something catastrophic happens or until I have a real job to pay for stuff.

I took another non-paid writing thing with a weekly paper. And I went to a staff meeting and everyone there seemed to be over 80. How they are still able to get around is kind of beyond me. They could barely hear each other with out screaming "WHAT? What did he say?" Every five minutes I don't see how they are able to hold coherent interviews at all. But I figured why not I need to get more writing in anyways and I love ramen so i don't actually need money anyways.

Well I am off to the dealership to try and beg and plead for them to fix my car for free (I'm sure that will work well, since I'm trying to talk to a used car dealer), wish me luck.