Monday, June 26, 2006

Excess Speed and Weddings

So apparently its wedding season. I've now been to two in the last two weeks, the closest one being 5 hours away. But this last one was for my stepsister, my dad informed me two months ago that I was going. So I hopped in the car with A and away we went. Oh did I mention that my father is so cheap that I had the privilege of being the wedding photographer? I just started my job so don't have anytime off se we left late Friday night and got to my Mom's house around 11:30. The wedding went fine, a few little glitches but it was actually pretty fun, the bride was obviously pregnant and the groom's English was so broken he had to ask the minister to repeat the vows a few times. It was a Peruvian/Russian wedding with dancing and lots of alcohol, pretty entertaining.

The bad part of the weekend was the drive home. I was already a little bit tired and I just wanted to be home so stupidly I drove a tiny bit fast in a place where I really should have known better, and got the flashing lights in my rearview mirror. Oops 95 in a 70. She was nice enough to only give me 90 which after checking the Monterrey county website means I can attend traffic school but I do have to go to court, in King City 2 1/2 hours away at 8:15 in the morning. That should be good times.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Why is it that on days when your eyes feel like they are about to pop and you can tell a headache is starting, so you just want to be left alone, everyone wants to talk to you? Usually I love talking to people but today just back off!! And I have to be extra careful not to turn into raving bitch at people, especially at work, and that extra monitoring just pushes the headache arther along. And of course if I do crack and bite someone's head off that too will just give me a bigger headache and I get the added bonus that everyone will hate me. And the sympathetic head tilts with the accompanying "Do you not feel well?" just makes it worse, like you asking somehow helps, it doesn't so just go away. If someone could please throw me down a long oubliette and just leave me there, that would be great. But of course I'll want out by Thursday (America vs. Ghana).

Monday, June 19, 2006

Getting In Shape For Summer

So I signed up to do this exercise thing on line (it was free), like most women in America I have body issues, as a smaller woman I don't have big issues. But A had recently started being good about going to the gym and running, so I've started to feel like a lazy slob. So I decided that I would try this online exercise and diet thingy, to tone up so if I go on vacation this summer I will only be pasty instead of out of shape and pasty. The first step is to write down everything you eat on a work day and on a weekend and then feel like a slob for what you ate. This is day one for me and so far this is what I have consumed:

     2 granola bars (chocolate and peanut butter)
     2 cups of tea
     1 handful of M&M's
     1 Hamburger - with Cheese, Mayonaise, Mustard, and Onions (yeah a vegetable)
     1 order of fries
     1 Chocolate milkshake (calcium)

Its 2 o'clock so I haven't had dinner yet but there is not really that much hope that is will be any better. Ok so I'm not the healthiest eater. But I walked to work and I'm planning on doing their first set of exercises today, I might even stop by the sports store and buy my 5 lb weights, but that is probably pushing it. Actually I have no idea how I'm not fat as it is, I really should be.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Worth Our Time?

So one of my college roommates got married this weekend. This is my first college friend to get married and well I'm really not too surprised that she was the first to go. Since she was getting married in Placerville (hangtown, not kidding) a few of us decided to get a cabin in Tahoe. Great idea there were 7 beds, a bbq, and two bathrooms, all good Tahoe was beautiful, and the weather was great. Now we're all cheap and I'm the first to lead the discount charge but after spending at least 22 hours in a car (the weekend lasted a total of 80 hours, I had a lot of time to figure this out while sitting on my but watching the ten thousandth cow go by), that's 27% percent of the time spent in a car. Now most of us have been out of college for awhile, we can support ourselves, some even do quite well, we make between 0 (actually she's still losing money) to about $35/hour (probably more but its not me so I don't really know), so on average we make about $17.50 an hour. At 22 hours that's $385 that each of us basically just wasted (plus gas which I think was $30 a person), and a flight from Burbank would have been $250, which now seems like nothing. So even though it seems like saved we didn't, I was ready to kill myself on the way home and it felt like I spent the whole weekend in the car. Next time I think I will probably splurge and take a flight for an hour and a half instead of the 9 hour car ride. Of course I'm driving 5 hours next weekend to go to my step sisters wedding in the bay area and I'm not flying to that either, but I'll bitch about that next week.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Everyone gets cravings. I get cravings. Today I had a craving for overacting and loud explosions so I went to the video store and picked up Rambo II and III (I had seen Rambo I on TNT earlier in the week). Yes I've seen these movies before but I'd wanted to watch them all week, A is out of the house (he would not appreciate me making him watch these), so on impulse I went out and rented them. I realize these are not the best specimens of American Cinematography (although Rambo II was nominated for an Oscar ... Ok for special effects) but they deliver in the action, explosions, and big hair on men. And damn Stallone was buff back then. Rambo First Blood was a pretty good movie. The concept was more than just macho man with a gun, it told the story of a Vietnam vet, although 10 years after the United States had pulled out of Vietnam, whose life had been spent fighting a war half way across the world only to come home and have the people he thought he was defending hate him and ridicule him. After the war our hero has no direction and can't understand why people hate him. Already unstable, the people that he defended finally treated him so poorly that he finally snapped and became the bad guy. Its got a decent plot and good action. Admittedly 2 and 3 are obviously just in it for the money, sure they are fun action movies but they don't have the interesting story line that the first one did. Of course they also have happier endings. See I don't understand why you would want this guy who flips fighting for you. In the first movie the cops spray him with a hose and harass him and he totally wigs out remembering being tortured by Vietcong, in the second movie he's captured buy the Vietcong/Russians and electrocuted yet remains totally calm. Meditation? Drugs? And I have to admit Stallone is a horrible actor, the chick that couldn't speak English was more believable. Still loved them all.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Home Improvement?

Ah summer is here and with it comes so many plans to get things done. I don't own my home so my plans are really just smaller things like organize the bedroom, and clean up the house, maybe paint something. This last weekend I had nothing planned so I had major plans to at least clean up the house, maybe even start on the bedroom. Except Friday night I went to happy hour and that put me to sleep around 10:00. Ok then I'll definitely get stuff done on Saturday. I got up early made breakfast, and then zoned out for about 3 hours. After that I decided I needed to go shopping, where I wasted another 3 hours in which I got nothing accomplished except the purchase of a cute skirt (was looking for shoes). So I get home and decompress, and instead of thoroughly cleaning we call up some friends for Chinese food and video games. Although due to the arrival of friends the living room was quickly straightened up and random crap hidden. Ok but Sunday I would do better. I didn't wake up early and A made breakfast, and then I started watching one of those home makeover shows which inspired me. So I ran to ACE and bought some shelves, I came home and hung up a picture, decided it was in the wrong spot so I moved it to the other side of the wall. After that I rewarded myself with some gold medal ribbon ice cream and a well deserved break. An hour later I decided to try to tackle the shelves, so I took measurements and drew lines on the wall, again decided it was time for a break so I got some chips and salsa and sat down to watch Lake Placid. Ok I was firm, I was going to finish those stupid shelves, I got in one mount, then A came home and helped me with the second one. I was getting the third one in when it was brought to my attention that I had the wrong screws to attach the mounts to the wall. So I gave up. So after two days I have one picture hung and three shelf mounts sticking out of the wall, basically it now looks worse than it did before. YEAH ME!!