Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Still hurting from Halloween

So I had a kind of weird weekend, I opened for a band in a warehouse, slept on a concrete floor and I'm pretty sure I got a boyfriend.

Let me explain. Since my last post many, many moons ago I got into stand-up comedy. And one of my friends decided to throw a party and thought hey lets have a comic open for the band. And um, trying to get everyone's attention at a Halloween party is an effort in futility. Some listened, most drank but it wasn't too bad. There wasn't dead silence as I delivered my jokes, some people laughed, others tried to talk over me ... so meh, I'd say I broke even.

But since the party was over an hour away I decided to stay the night with a couple of people. Now I'm 30 and that night sealed the fact that I can no longer recover within a few hours of getting hurt. After spending the night on a concrete floor with a small layer of sleeping bag insulating me I still hurt three days later. And some drunk chick decided to start bawling half-way through the night. I mean great big sobs. I probably would have gone and seen what was wrong if I hadn't seen her throw up on herself earlier (it was dark, I didn't want to step in that).

I also turned into a 16 year old who was making out with some random guy in the corner all night. But since I haven't done that since college I feel as though I deserve a pass this one time. It wasn't my fault, I swear. Although thanks to that my face is now peeling off do to an unfortunate case of stubble burn. Damn I'm hot.