Monday, November 10, 2008

Useless talent 52

I’ve been super busy with work and school so therefore I haven’t been posting much. Oh also I’ve been incredibly boring and having nothing interesting to tell. So this is me trying to pull something together to try and keep up with the writing.

So the building I live in is a little over a hundred years old, and I’m pretty sure the carpets in the hallway have not been cleaned in that amount of time.

But anyways I was coming home late one night with a big basket of laundry. On the second flight of stairs I manage to twist my ankle and then fall up the stairs and then rolled down the stairs. All my clean clothes fell out onto the disease-infested floor and I think that I got covered in the ebola virus.

So after throwing up a bit in my mouth, I collected my now dirty clothes and limped into my apartment.

That will teach me to try and get all my laundry done at my mom’s place and save $2.25 — it’s just not worth it.