Monday, August 28, 2006

Psycho Kitty

It all started about a month ago. Around ten at night A and I were watching the TV, it was rather hot out so we had the front door open. When from the corner of my eye I see a blur of grey dart through the door and up the stairs. I sit up and look over at A "Did a cat just run up stairs?" So we get up and go upstairs, cautiously because it could have rabies, you never know, and track it to under the bed. I grab it (very nice cat meows once but doesn't try to fight me) and I toss it outside.

Then randomly two nights ago it runs in the house again. About an hour after we get it outside we open the door and the cat is just sitting there staring at the house, looking almost hopefully at us. It is slightly shy so it runs off if we get close to it. Then yesterday as I was sitting on our porch the cat comes up and jumps on my lap (guess I was wrong about the shy thing) and makes himself comfortable. Now I'm an animal person, and the cat doesn't seem to be dirty so I let it sit there for awhile, and dub him/her (I didn't check) Chester. Then I go to move Chester and it jumps right back on my lap and lays down. I had to pick him up, stand, then put him down. I also gave him a saucer of milk but he wasn't hungry, probably not the brightest thing for me to do.

I talked to my friend Alli that night, who had stayed at our house about two weeks ago when we weren't here and she also mentioned the little grey cat who kept trying to get in the house. She had to kick him out a few times too.

For a final kicker, last night at about 3 a.m. I hear a meowing which sounds like its coming from inside. A and I get up and wonder how in hell did that thing get inside? I turn on the lights and look around (I'm blind as a bat though without my contacts) finally realizing that the thing had climbed onto out roof and squished up against the screen of our open window trying to get inside. It howled for about ten minutes before it (hopefully) went away. Chester has turned into a stalking kitty and I'm starting to get creeped out, why it wants to get into our house so badly is beyond me. I just hope it doesn't realize that we leave the sky lights slightly open or it will probably try to wedge itself inside and get stuck half in and half out.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Ok so I finally got over that twice a week hurdle. That's right last night I exercised again, for a little over an hour! That's already three times this week and although most experts say that it takes at least two weeks before your body starts to change I can (of course) already see progress (not really) but I'll continue to pretend to.

But tonight there will be no exercising its all about the cleaning. So I think I'll having to pop in the Star Wars trilogy (the good one), open a beer and try to clean our not gross but definelty untidy house. And I've no idea how to fix the clutter, that is our biggest problem, I swear its because we don't really have any closets.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two Days in a Row!!

Ok so yay me!! I actually went and worked out last night, ok nothing hardcore a couple of bleachers and a total of 4 laps. But two days in a row is pretty good for me. I am taking a break tonight as I don't want to get burnt out, am getting my hair done, and my ass is still sore from Sunday. But I have high hopes for Wednesday.

Ooh I did finally get a job (finally being less than a week), I started last Monday but it doesn't seem that important so I tend to forget about it. Also I am planning on going back to school next year so I wasn't looking for a "real" job (one that I would feel bad about leaving). I've started the applications and everything, ok so I started them about two weeks ago and then haven't touched them since, but I did print out the transcript request form.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Lets Try This Again

Well A and I and another couple are headed to Hawaii in October, so I have two months to get in shape. And although I am in no way over weight I could definitely tighten some things up. So here I go again trying the exercise thing. These little blips of exercising usually only last about two days, or if I'm really good two days a week for two weeks. But this time I'm going to do it, I'm going to keep exercising, I started yesterday and I'm going after work to do some bleachers. My goal is three times a week until we go (and hopefully will become a pattern that I follow when we get back too). And today I am super sore, and it doesn't help that I've been sitting on my ass all day. I'll try to keep you posted.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Good Times

I got FIRED!! Which is a first for me. And its not the losing of the job that bugs me its the fact that I got fired. After 90 days I was told that I was being let go, that I wasn't detail oriented enough and that I didn't take charge. I don't know maybe it was something bigger than that and they were being nice. I admit I wasn't that great at the job I just couldn't bring myself to care about it that much, but I wasn't horrible either. But I can see them wanting to hire someone that is better at the job, that really cares about the job too. So I hold no grudges.

So I'm on the hunt for a job again. But I think that this time I'll just be looking for something to pass the time, that I really don't care about but it will pay the bills.